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About Brit

About Brit

My name is Brit. Short for Brigitte. I was born in Haarlem (Netherlands) in ’79 and I live now in Woerden with my husband Jan and my dog Sumo, a Maltese. I am the owner of Nagelsalon Woerden. A nailsalon in my city. And I also work as a freelance make-up artist. My work as make-up artist  you can find on this page:

I am a creative person. And I like doing a lot of different things. So, I’ve worked in construction as a painter, in the theater as an actrice, at an employment agency and in a restaurant. I studied at a musicaltheater academy and I studied Theatre Studies and Italian Language and culture at the University of Amsterdam en Utrecht. My goal in life is to keep developing myself. I love doing the things I like and where I get energy of. I believe, that if you live your life that way, you will be a happier and nicer person. So I keep on going doing the things I love to do. Next year I am going to start a master Italian Literature and Culture on Leiden University! So I live my life to the fullest together with my lover and best friend Jan, our doggy Sumo and ofcourse our friends and family! The road to get here was a long and heavy one, but I am absolutely grateful. Wouldn’t want to miss a thing.



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